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Available subjects

DP Sports, Exercise and Health Science
DP Psychology
DP Biology (last assessment 2024)
DP Chemistry (last assessment 2024)
DP Physics (last assessment 2024)
DP Business Management
DP Economics
DP Environmental Systems and Societies
DP Design Technology
DP Digital Society
DP Computer Science
DP Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches
DP Biology (first assessment 2025)
DP Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation
DP Geography
DP History
DP Chemistry (first assessment 2025)
DP Physics (first assessment 2025)

What is Questionbank?

Created by the International Baccalaureate® (IB) and available exclusively on Titlewave®, Questionbank enables teachers to create custom exams for their students by selecting from hundreds of questions, markschemes and subject reports that align with the current IB syllabuses across a variety of subjects.

What is inside?

An easy-to-navigate user interface with advanced question search and filtering features. Search and sort by:

  • Examination date
  • Examination month or year
  • Paper
  • Level
  • Time zone
  • Question type
  • And more!

Create custom examinations using official IB examination questions. You can tailor the examination to fit your needs with the ability to add questions, student instructions or reference notes for yourself.

What is in the demo?

You can sign up for a time-limited, full-featured demo account to find out more about Questionbank.

The demo provides all the features of the full version, and you can try them out on a limited set of questions.