IB Questionbank release notes July 2023

This upgrade brings significant improvements to Questionbank:

  • Design: We have enhanced the visual recognition of the website as an official IB platform through an updated and improved look and feel.
  • Streamlined test creation: We have introduced a new process that allows users to conveniently create tests on a single screen, saving valuable time and effort.
  • Improved test organization: We have added functionality that enables users to create folders, customize folder names, and easily add or move tests into these folders.
  • Enhanced question data model: We have redesigned the data model of questions to ensure greater efficiency and reliability in reusing and reordering questions within exams, providing a more dynamic experience for users.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Q. As an existing user, can I use my current login details on the new site?
A. Yes, you can access the new site with your existing credentials

Q. Will all my tests and created questions still be available?
A. Yes, all your tests and created questions will still be available

Q. What if I experience any difficulty using the new site?
A. There is an onboarding tool on the website where you can get introduced to the highlights. If you require more assistance, you can reach out to Follett Customer Service