IB Questionbank release notes July 2023

This upgrade brings significant improvements to Questionbank:

  • Design: We have enhanced the visual recognition of the website as an official IB platform through an updated and improved look and feel.
  • Streamlined test creation: We have introduced a new process that allows users to conveniently create tests on a single screen, saving valuable time and effort.
  • Improved test organization: We have added functionality that enables users to create folders, customize folder names, and easily add or move tests into these folders.
  • Enhanced question data model: We have redesigned the data model of questions to ensure greater efficiency and reliability in reusing and reordering questions within exams, providing a more dynamic experience for users.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Q. As an existing user, can I use my current login details on the new site?
A. Yes, you can access the new site with your existing credentials

Q. Will all my tests and created questions still be available?
A. Yes, all your tests and created questions will still be available

Q. What if I experience any difficulty using the new site?
A. There is an onboarding tool on the website where you can get introduced to the highlights. If you require more assistance, you can reach out to Follett Customer Service

IB Questionbank release notes August 2019

This is primarily a maintenance and bug fix release.

  • We upgraded our servers for increased security and performance.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed issue where questions displayed to teachers could contain double marks.
    • Cleaned up question content for higher quality and more reliable display and export to DOCX and PDF.
    • Improve display of a question's resources on smaller screens (access to "View Details" button).
    • Supplemental materials are sorted alphabetically

IB Questionbank release notes February 2019

  • Fixes for .DOCX export issues:
    • Formulas are now vertically centred in a line in .docx export
    • Block formulas are now horizontally centred on a page in .docx export
    • Images have improved scaling and give better ‘readability’ to mock exam tests
  • Fixes for .PDF export issues:
    • Font size increased to match IB exam paper standards
    • Question numbers aligned with a first line of text to match IB exam paper standards
  • General improvements
    • Teacher profile page now lists which licences they have access to, expiry date and a coordinator’s contact that provided them with access to that subject licence
    • Newly created tests now have a ‘view’ option enabled by default

IB Questionbank release notes September 2018

  • UX improvements for deletion and re-ordering:
    • Individual question parts can now be deleted from the main test preview screen instead of having to edit the question, scroll down, then delete it
    • "Re-order contents" screen has been renamed to "Re-order and delete contents"
    • Questions can now be re-ordered by whole questions and also by question part in this screen
    • Visual feedback on what is being selected in this screen improved to account for this change – a checkered box appears around the user’s selection
    • Question parts can no longer be accidentally moved into another question
    • Checkboxes have been added to the "Re-order and delete contents" screen to allow for bulk question deletion
  • UX improvement to question selection:
    • New checkbox "Expand questions" has been added to the question search screen
    • Checkbox will expand all questions and display the resources and individual question parts of each displayed question on the page
  • Exam codes added to test preview screen:
    • Exam code is clickable and will link to the question allowing a user to:
      • Add the full question to the test again (if they have deleted part of the question)
      • Add the question to another test without having to search for it again in the question search screen
  • Added page numbers to the top of the question search screen
  • "Select all displayed questions" checkbox made more apparent in the question search screen – previously it was unnamed causing some users to not realise it was there.
  • Added ability to name a test immediately when creating a new one
  • Licence number has been included in the expiry notification message to help users when renewing their licence.

IB Questionbank Updates February 2018

In response to customer feedback, existing functionalities have been improved and several new features have been added to the Questionbanks:

  • Possibility for customers to create a demo account.
  • Video tutorial added to the homepage.
  • Improvements to connections between syllabus and questions.
  • Improved download process for Word and PDF export - we now have a progress bar indicating the download process.
  • Fixed several issues with exporting tests to Word format.
  • Multiple bug fixes including certain questions not being tagged by topic, and certain PDF export failures.

For more information on how to use these features see the ‘Help’ tab in the top navigation.